Here's where MBA students want to work the most

More than a quarter of business school graduates want to work in investment banking, but more MBAs are setting their sights on startups every year.

That’s according to an annual survey from Training the Street, which provides financial training courses to students and professionals.

It asked 293 first- and second-year MBA students which type of firm would be their top employment choice.

Large bulge bracket banks and global financial institutions came in first as the workplace of choice for 26.28% of respondents. 13.65% of respondents chose private equity firms, while 7.51% chose boutique banks.

Of note, 7.17% of respondents chose startup companies as their choice place of employment — the highest percentage since Training the Street started providing that option in 2012.

The percentage of MBAs looking to work for hedge funds was 4.78%, down from 4.9% last year.

Here’s a look at the full tally.

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