Melania Trump snipes at 'rabid press corps' as her public absence fuelled rumours and conspiracy theories

  • First Lady Melania Trump downplayed the speculation that stemmed from her extended public absence over the last few weeks.
  • In a statement, Melania said she was “confident” in her role, and was not going to be affected by what she called the “rabid press corps.”
  • The first lady had what her spokespeople called a minor kidney procedure in mid-May, but she soon became the subject of rumours and conspiracy theories due to her absence.

First Lady Melania Trump sniped at the speculation over her 24-day absence from the public eye, which had spawned rumours and conspiracy theories due to her extended silence.

“Mrs. Trump has always been a strong and independent woman who puts her family and certainly her health above all else,” the first lady’s statement reportedly said on Monday. “And that won’t change over a rabid press corps.”

“She’s confident in what she is doing and in her role, and knows the rest is just speculation and nonsense,” the statement added.

Melania’s absence prompted intense speculation after she underwent a “successful” minor kidney procedure at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on May 14.

The rumours surrounding her absence ranged from suggestions she had plastic surgery to speculation that she moved out of the White House and back to New York.

The first lady ultimately weighed in last week with a tweet that observers said sounded more like it was written by President Donald Trump than Melania herself.

“I see the media is working overtime speculating where I am & what I’m doing,” Melania tweeted on Wednesday. “Rest assured, I’m here at the @WhiteHouse w my family, feeling great, & working hard on behalf of children & the American people!”

Melania welcomed the families of fallen service members at the White House on Monday, and thanked them for their “service to our country.”

“It is a solemn reminder that we, the American people, are able to live as freely as we do because of the selfless sacrifices of our men and women in uniform,” Melania said in a statement. “We remain indebted to each of them and we honour them today, together, with their families.”

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