INSIDERS DISH: Where To Spot A New York Tech Entrepreneur At Lunch

The Coffee Shop

The New York City’s tech startup scene is highly concentrated in the middle of Manhattan, roughly between 12th Street, the site of DogPatch Labs, and 26th Street, the northern tip of Madison Square Park.

In between is General Assembly, home to more than 200 tech startups, and a handful of VC offices, including Union Square Ventures, and up until recently, Rose Tech Ventures. (They just moved from 23rd Street to 29th Street.)

So it’s no surprise that tech startup folks abound at lunch places in the neighbourhood. But some spots are definitely more popular than others, and not all are between 12th and 26th streets. It seems that some dining destinations are worth walking a few extra blocks to get to.

According to several entrepreneurs in the area, here’s a list of the spots where you’re bound to overhear some serious tech talk. 

Num Pang Sandwich Shop, 21 East 12th Street

'Awesome food. Love their pulled pork classic sandwich and I usually pour on a bit of the sriracha hot sauce to make it perfect for me.

It's an interestingly shaped space and as an entrepreneur in the real estate space, I appreciate how they're able to secure a quirky space that adds to the uniqueness of their menu and overall feel.'
-Ray Madronio, Founder, LocalBigWig

'Num Pang is delicious and quick.'
-Eli Bronner, Co-Founder, LUA Technologies

Fredi's Sandwich Bar, 28 East 12th Street

'Now you can't go in any day without hearing conversations about startups or running into startup people you know. And the sandwiches are amazing.'
-Austin Chang, Founder, Fridge

'Their sandwiches aren't as unique as Num Pang's, but they taste great!'
-Alexis Tryon, Co-Founder, Artsicle

General Assembly, Friday Happy Hour, 902 Broadway, 4th Floor

'Is laden with extremely intelligent individuals, as well as delicious beer.'
-Eli Bronner, Co-Founder, LUA Technologies

Tarallucci e Vino, 15 East 18th Street

'It's great for coffee meetings because there are always tables.'
-Vinny Vacanti, Founder, Yipit

'The custard-filled doughnut is a must and a favourite of Zach Klein, co-founder of Vimeo and Svpply.'
-Ben Kessler, Director of Communications, SeatGeek

'wichcraft, 11 E. 20th Street

The Coffee Shop, 29 Union Square West

'Affordable and centrally-located for lunch meetings.

To date, the servers are still on the more-attractive side of the spectrum. The downstairs area where they spin hip hop/R&B in an intimate sexy setting would be perfect for launch parties.'
-Ray Madronio, Founder, LocalBigWig

'Breakfast is amazing there and the corn is phenomenal - also a great place for meetings.'
-Eli Bronner, Co-Founder, LUA Technologies

Ace Hotel (lobby), 20 West 29th Street

'The lobby plays host to many entrepreneurs and journalists who post up all day to use free WiFi and sip on Stumptown coffee.'
-Ben Kessler, Director of Communications, SeatGeek

Dos Toros, 137 4th Avenue, at 13th Street

'Startup people live on burritos, these are the best in the area.'
-Ben Kessler, Director of Communications, SeatGeek

'Great food to go, but limited seating.'
-Alexis Tryon, Co-Founder, Artsicle

'Dos Toros is the best burrito on the East Coast, hands down.'
-Eli Bronner, Co-Founder, LUA Technologies

Shake Shack, in Madison Square Park

'Honestly, I think this place is overrated. Line always snakes through the park but the burgers do not live up to the hype.

As an entrepreneur with a billion different things to do, the ROI on the time does not pay off. For me, the best burger is at Blue 9 Burger in the East Village.'
-Ray Madronio, Founder and CEO, LocalBigWig

'The hour long wait for delicious burgers makes for a great place to pitch an investor.'
-Ben Kessler, Director of Communication, SeatGeek

The Grey Dog, 90 University Place, at 12th Street

'Grey Dog is a great choice if you feel like being social. If you're worried about NDAs go somewhere else - everyone in here works for a startup.'
-Alexis Tryon, Co-Founder, Artsicle

Balthazar Restaurant, 80 Spring Street

'Near our office in Soho and have been here several times. But I don't go to this place anymore since it's not bootstrapped-entrepreneur friendly.

Love the food though and wish they had more affordable lunch options.'
-Ray Madronio, Founder, LocalBigWig

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