WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Your Friend Tom From MySpace Buys Real Estate In Vegas*

Tom Anderson

It used to be that when you joined MySpace, you immediately started with a friend: Tom Anderson, one of the nominal cofounders.

But Anderson hasn’t been working for the News Corporation social network since at least early 2010.

So what is he up to?

Buying real estate in Las Vegas, of course.

Author Paul Carr caught up with Anderson during a recent stay in Sin City.

According to Carr’s account, Anderson says he’s meeting with a “number of people who’ve started funds or raised money to buy and flip and/or rent houses in Vegas.”

He thinks its a great time to buy!

“In August 2006 [Las Vegas] house prices were 134% higher than they were in January 2000,” [Anderson] explains, “but as of January 2011, prices are back to around those 2000 levels. When you adjust that for inflation and current wages, homes here have never been more affordable.”

If everybody’s pal Tom keeps pushing product like that, Alec Baldwin will owe this guy some coffee – and maybe even a Cadillac.

Correction: An earlier version of this story suggested Tom Anderson is selling real estate in Las Vegas. He’s not, says Paul Carr. He’s buying it to sell it later.