'The Sandlot' Is 20 Years Old: Where Is The Cast Now [PHOTOS]

sandlot 20 reunion cast

The cast and director of “The Sandlot” reunited on the Utah baseball field where the movie was filmed last week.

The group is currently touring the country — making 21 stops — to promote the 20th anniversary edition of “The Sandlot.” The classic, coming-of-age baseball movie premiered in 1993.

Director David Mickey Evans and stars Patrick Renna (“Ham”), Chauncey Leopardi (“Squints”), Shane Obedzinski (Tommy “Repeat” Timmons), Victor DiMattia (Timmy Timmons), Marty York (“Yeah-Yeah”), and Daniel Zacapa (Police Chief) attended.

Cast and crew tweeted about getting the team back together:

The Salt Lake City Tribune has tons more photos from the event.

THEN: Patrick Renna played the Ham, who delivers the iconic line, 'You're killing me, Smalls.'

NOW: Renna had a returning role on 'Boston Legal,' appeared in a Funny Or Die short with Matthew Morrison, and provided 'additional voices' on a 'Spider-Man 3' video game.

THEN: Mike Vitar led the team as the oldest and best player, 'Benny the Jet' Rodriguez.

NOW: Mike Vitar starred in commercials for Tylenol and Coca Cola before suiting up as a firefighter based in Hollywood.

THEN: Marley Shelton was the hot lifeguard, Wendy Peffercorn, at the local swimming pool.

She gave Squints mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

NOW: Shelton continues to act in small movie roles, and this year guest-starred in an episode of 'Mad Men'.

THEN: Chauncey Leopardi played wise-mouth Squints, known for his thick-rimmed black glasses.

NOW: Leopardi reprised his role as Squints for a straight-to-DVD 'Sandlot' sequel.

THEN: Tom Guiry made his acting debut as Smalls, the shy and academic new-kid-on-the-block who had a lot to learn about baseball.

NOW: Guiry popped up in 'Black Hawk Down' and 'Mystic River,' and continues to perform in small indie flicks.

THEN: Teeny-tiny Marty York was 'Yeah-Yeah,' aptly nicknamed for his catchphrase.

NOW: A bulked-up York (right) appeared in 'The Brothers Sinclair' and posts tons of pictures on Facebook of him hanging out with celebrities.

THEN: Shane Obedzinski played Tommy 'Repeat' Timmons, the youngest on the team who repeated everything Timmy said.

NOW: Obedzinski hasn't made a movie since 'The Sandlot,' but attended the reunion. Still baby-faced.

THEN: Brandon Adams was Kenny, the pitcher.

NOW: Adams still acts, and voices a character named Rajin in the 'Kingdom Hearts II' video game series.

Here's the cast then...

...and now, joined by The Salt Lake Bees baseball players at the 20th reunion.

Now get caught up with another cast ...

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