Here's What The Stars Of The 1992 Dream Team Are Doing Today

Michael Jordan Magic Johnson Larry Bird The Dream Team

Photo: NBA TV

20 years after its formation, the 1992 USA Olympic basketball team still resonates among sports fans.The team dominated to an extent we had never seen, and grew the game of basketball globally in the process.

Many of the 12 star players are still involved in the basketball world 20 years later.

But a few of them have branched out — owning baseball teams, going on reality TV shows, and even entering the world of finance.

Patrick Ewing was a big-man guru for the Orlando Magic, and is now looking to get into head coaching

Patrick Ewing is probably the archetypal NBA centre.

After he retired from the NBA, he went into coaching.

He helped mould Magic centre Dwight Howard into an offensive force is Orlando.

Christian Laettner tried his hand in business, but has been hit hard by the recession

Laettner dabbled in business after retiring.

But his realty company Blue Devil Ventures took a dive after the economic downturn in 2008.

He's currently working to pay back his debts, and wants to get back into coaching on the college level.

Magic Johnson is both a ESPN NBA analyst and a successful businessman

Magic Johnson remains a part of the basketball world as an on-air studio analyst for ESPN.

In addition to his TV work, he's done well in the business world.

He's the face of the ownership group that bought the Dodgers last spring.

Charles Barkley is now the NBA's most visible studio analyst

Sir Charles is a natural on TV.

He works for TNT, sitting alongside Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson, and Chris Webber on Inside The NBA.

Michael Jordan owns an NBA team

Jordan is part owner and GM of the Charlotte Bobcats.

He also plays a ton of golf and listens to people call him the greatest of all time all day.

Chris Mullin is a talking head on ESPN

Mullin was in the front office for a while -- working as the GM of the Golden State Warriors.

He was fired in 2009, and joined ESPN's NBA team this season. He both announcers games and does in-studio analysis.

John Stockton watches his athlete kids rise through the ranks

John Stockton has six kids, many of whom are athletes. His son currently plays pro ball in Germany.

He also coached an 6th grade girl's AAU game in 2008.

David Robinson went into business with a former Goldmanite to form Admiral Capital Group

Robinson went in to the wonderful world of finance after being the league's dominant centre in his prime.

He and Daniel Bassichis of Goldman Sachs formed Admiral Capital Group in 2007.

The company is a private equity group with 'a desire to make a positive social impact,' according to its website.

Larry Bird returned to Indiana to run the Pacers, but no he's seemingly retired

After dominating on the court, Bird moved to the front office.

He was the president of basketball operations for the Pacers from 2003 to 2012 before leaving after winning the executive of the year award.

Karl Malone owns a car dealership in Utah

The Mailman was one of the softest spoken NBA stars on the Dream Team.

He currently owns a Toyota dealership in Utah.

In addition, he was the strength and conditioning coach for his alma mater Louisiana Tech in 2007.

Scottie Pippen came back to hoops after squandering tens of millions of dollars

Scottie lost $120 million in career earnings because of bad business deals, according to Yahoo!.

But he returned to the Bulls as a 'team ambassador' in 2010.

Clyde Drexler danced with the stars in 2007

Clyde was on season four of DWTS, but was voted off after four weeks.

Before that, he was the head basketball coach of the University of Houston.

Coach Chuck Daly died in 2009. He won two NBA titles with the Pistons, and one gold medal with the Dream Team

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