Where Are The In-Game Ads? Not On Your PS3 or Wii.


DFC Intelligence predicts that in-game advertising for console-based video games (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, etc) will grow 250% through 2012. That’s apparently not bullish enough for some observers, prompting the research group to defend itself in a post on Next Generation.

Most of DFC’s David Cole’s argument boils down to this: Hey, it’s early days for in-game ads. Hard to say how any of this will pan out. That’s reasonable enough. But what caught our eye was the argument that since it takes special effort to connect console games to the Internet, ads in console games will take longer to take root than PC-based games. Because in a report earlier this month, MediaPost’s Mike Shields argued that in-game ads aren’t taking off in large part because they’re not available for most console games. Put those two assertions together and you’ve got a real chicken-and-egg problem for the entire in-game ad industry. Or would-be industry. Next Generation.

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