These Charts Reveal The Season When Your Favourite TV Shows Peaked

Walt jesse breaking bad cookingAMCPeople loved the final two seasons of ‘Breaking Bad’ far more than the earlier seasons.

We were recently introduced to “Graph TV,” an index of virtually every TV show according to its IMDB ratings.

Kevin Wu created the interactive database, which also allows you to see people’s favourite (and least favourite) series episodes. It’s pretty neat and if you’re a TV fan, you should check it out.

We’ve compiled some of the most popular series that have ever aired to see when shows peaked, and when viewers started losing interest.

Note that these maps reflect IMDB user reviews and ratings for episodes of series. They are not representative of Nielsen viewer ratings.

'Breaking Bad' skyrocketed in popularity in its last two seasons when the chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-kingpin's empire started falling apart.

IMDB ratings: 9.6/10 based on 459,099 ratings

People were into the season 4 ending of 'Dexter,' but disliked the final season.

IMDB ratings: 9.0/10 based on 347,819 ratings

We could deal with flashforwards and flashbacks, but 'Lost' became a bit tough to follow during season 6's weird flash sideways.

IMDB ratings: 8.6/10 based on 268,472 ratings

Remember when 'American Idol' was a big hit on FOX? Reviews took a dive after Paula Abdul left at the end of season 8 and was replaced with Ellen DeGeneres.

IMDB ratings: 4.2/10 based on 17,396 ratings

After season 3, viewers began to lose some interest in 'Modern Family.'

IMDB ratings: 8.7/10 based on 150,865 ratings

People really did not like the fourth season of 'The Sopranos.'

IMDB ratings: 9.3/10 based on 123,104 ratings

The 'True Blood' fandom began to fall after season 2 and tanked by the season 6 finale as the show strayed more and more from the novel.

IMDB ratings: 8.1/10 based on 165,884 ratings

People were not fans of 'Homeland' after season 2 ended.

IMDB ratings: 8.6/10 based on 137201 ratings

Though 'The Walking Dead' is one of the highest-rated TV shows on cable, fans of the AMC series haven't been as impressed since the end of season 2.

IMDB ratings: 8.7/10 based on 370,675 ratings

'Grey's Anatomy' is now in its 10th season, but general interest began to taper off after the season 5 and 6 finales.

IMDB ratings: 7.7/10 based on 110173 ratings

Viewers favourite episodes of 'Cheers' were during season five, specifically 'Dinner at Eight-ish,' but the series picked up again in the final two seasons.

IMDB ratings: 7.9/10 based on 24,909 ratings

Season 4 of 'The Wire' was the most consistently best-reviewed season.

IMDB ratings: 9.4/10 based on 123,759 ratings

Viewers don't think the final few episodes of 'Seinfeld'are as strong as season's 3-7.

IMDB ratings: 9.0/10 based on 118,450 ratings

The season finale of 'M*A*S*H' may have been watched by 125 million, but most viewers like the first three seasons the most.

IMDB ratings: 8.5/10 based on 23,426 ratings

Reviews suggest CBS may have spent a season too long searching for the mum on 'How I Met Your Mother.'

IMDB ratings: 8.6/10 based on 305,852 ratings

Bonus: 'Game of Thrones' is still going strong heading into season 4. It's clear the episodes get better as the season carries on.

IMDB ratings: 9.5/10 based on 528,344 ratings

Those were some of your favourite TV shows ...

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