Here's when the new titanium Apple Card will be available, and how you can sign up

AppleApple Card is coming soon.

Earlier this year, Apple revealed its first-ever physical credit card, Apple Card.

The Apple Card will have no annual, late, or international fees, and an interest rate that Apple says will be “among the lowest” industry-wide. The card works as an alternate to Apple Pay for stores and retailers that don’t take contactless payments. The card’s no-fee model quickly drew in eager customers.

Between the no fees and slick metal design, the Apple Card has created hype among customers looking to get their hands on their very own. The card is not yet available for use, but Bloomberg reported that Apple has expanded its tests of the card to “tens of thousands” of its retail employees, and Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman got his hands on one as well.

Here’s when the Apple Card will be available and how you can sign up:

The Apple Card will live on your iPhone inside the Apple Wallet app. The card will show up in the app alongside your other Wallet items.

Michael Short/Getty Images

Once the Apple Card is made available, customers will be able to sign up using their iPhone. Within minutes, they should be able to use Apple Card in apps, online, and at stores that accept Apple Pay.

If customers have issues with the card, they will be able to contact Apple Card support through the Messages app. Apple says support will be available 24/7 via text.


Source: Apple

The Apple Card isn’t quite available yet, though — it will be available in the US starting this summer. Apple hasn’t said what the application process will look like.


You can sign up to be notified when the card is made available. Head over to the Apple Card landing page, and click “Notify Me.”


Source: Apple

You can also scroll down to the bottom of the page to enter your email. Apple will send you email or push notifications whenever there’s new info about Apple Card.

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