When To Watch The Blood Moon Spread A Red Glow Over Australia

Image: CSIRO

The full Moon will appear to turn red for Australians tonight during a total lunar eclipse.

This blood moon will be the second total lunar eclipse for 2014.

The moon will be higher in the sky and the whole eclipse will be visible from eastern and central Australia

The eclipse will happen over a period of about three hours.

According to the CSIRO, in eastern Australia the eclipse will start at 8:15 pm AEDT and in central Australia at 7:45 pm ACDT .

State-by-state times can be found here.

It will take 1 hour and 10 minutes for the Earth’s shadow to cover the Moon which will last for about an hour before the shadow starts to recede.

On average there is an eclipse of the Moon every eight months, says the Sydney Observatory.

The Moon will appear red during totality because red light from the Sun is bent by the Earth’s atmosphere onto the Moon.

Other colours such as blue are scattered in all directions leaving jut the red at sunset.

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