13 prices you shouldn't accept without putting up a fight

Whether you’re buying a car, renting a home, or even paying a medical bill, sometimes the sticker price just isn’t going to cut it.

That’s when you need to do some haggling.

You don’t have to actually fight, of course, but a little resistance from your end could mean a big discount from the other.

There’s a tactful way to go about it, but the bottom line is, you can’t be afraid to ask.

10. Healthcare

Your doctors' visits may not cost as much if you pay in cash.

As expensive as medical and hospital bills are, they're open to negotiation -- as long as you take a stand within 90 days of your service.

In fact, there are even professionals who negotiate with hospitals on patients' behalf. (You can find them on sites such as Medical Billing Advocates of America.)

According to Next Avenue, most cash discounts come from agreeing to pay your medical bill all at once, and even if you can't get a discount, you can also try to get more time to pay your bill. Next Avenue has a solid list of strategies to negotiate a medical bill.

12. Jewelry

Keep the mark up in mind.

Know that when you walk into a jewelry store -- whether it be private or a chain -- the products in there are usually marked up somewhere between 100-300%, according to Len Penzo.

With that in mind, bargain away, but don't forget to do your homework first. Wisebread advises knowing what the going rates are for the piece you want, and determining your own budget in advance.

Bargaining is a good money habit. Now see some bad money habits.

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