When There's Blood On The Street, And The Stock Exchange Is Burning, It's Time To Buy


Back in March we highlighted why the underlying Thai economy was more stable than its wild politics belie.

Buckets of Blood On The Streets Of Bangkok… It’s Time To Buy:

“In a fresh piece of analysis, Mr. Stotz lays out his case for why, despite all the media hype and domestic consternation, Thailand may be far more stable than it appears.

In our personal view this rings true and means one thing… investors should take a very hard look at Thai assets right now, whether they be stocks or even better yet… property.”

After scores of dead protestors, a snipered opposition leader, mysterious bombings, and even an attempt to burn down the nation’s stock exchange itself, once again, the old ‘blood on the streets’ adage holds.


The SET gained 18 per cent this year, overtaking Indonesia today as the best performer among the region’s biggest markets, as surging exports limited the impact of the political turmoil. Companies including Bangkok Bank Pcl and Siam Cement Pcl reported higher-than-expected profit in the second quarter amid the nation’s deadliest unrest in almost two decades.

The SET has beaten the U.S., Hong Kong, and Shanghai. In the 3-month chart below, the SET Index is in orange, on top. Hong Kong Hang Seng in green, Shanghai CSI 300 in yellow, and the S&P 500 in dark orange, lower on the chart.


The SET has also outperformed on a six-month basis:


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