When The Government Asked People Not To Alter A Picture Of Obama With A Gun, This Is What Happened

When the government releases a photo of the president, it always comes with one request: Do not alter the image.

So what did the Internet do?

Photoshop it, of course.

One recent picture of Obama shooting a gun has been tweaked every way imaginable. Now instead of shooting at nothing, Obama is shooting everything from a unicorn to characters in Grand Theft Auto.

BuzzFeed has a slew of Photoshopped Obama gun images. Here’s one of our favourites (a Photoshop of another iconic Obama image, the spider man boy).


obama gun

[credit provider=”The White House”]


obama spiderman gun photoshop

[credit provider=”BuzzFeed via KnowYourMeme.com” url=”http://www.buzzfeed.com/bennyjohnson/this-is-what-the-internet-does-to-a-photo-of-obama”]