Even The Fourth Of July Can Be A Nightmare For US Veterans

Reddit user Envinoverdad posted this photo yesterday after taking it with an iPhone. The thread is tilted: Shell shocked soldier hiding at a fireworks show. The comments are from responses on the thread. I think the whole thing speaks for itself.

From Envinoverdad: “I took the picture. There was a fireworks show at a local speedway. She walked out to the concession stand area and stood by herself. She covered her ears and cried uncontrollably the whole time. Some tried to console her, but she wanted no part in it. Possibly one of the most gut wrenching moments in my entire life. I was shaken and began crying hysterically after seeing this.”


Photo: Reddit

From commenters: 

Gypsyred: “I had a roommate who moved in with me shortly after leaving the hospital after his return from Afghanistan where he lost his leg. He was generally a cheerful, clear-thinking person who always seemed to be coping far better than I think I would have. That being said, he was still very much dealing with PTSD.

He spent the Fourth of July rocking himself under the dining room table, much like this woman. All I could think to do was sit and hold his hand and tell him random stories. I think I kept talking about this aquarium I loved as a kid. I don’t know if he even heard me because he seemed almost catatonic. We never talked about it.”

Unisolusa: “I have had this happen to me every year since my return from Iraq in 2008. My girlfriend has been by my side and held my hand and never once ask or question me about what happens or goes on in my head when I hear the fireworks start going off. It’s the ones that whistle that get me. I was injured by a mortar blast at the beginning of 2008 and that whistle is such a distinct sound. I am glad to say I haven’t lost my cool like a few of my friends do, but I do close my eyes, and cover my ears. ON occasion I do apparently rock back and forth but I never realise I’m doing it until someone mentions it later.”

Greiton: “my cousin (a huge marine tough guy that honestly i didn’t think was scared of anything) got his first leave from Iraq over the forth of July several years back i remember sitting in the house with him as he was covering his ears crying and shaking. i cant imagine what kind of horrors he endured that would ever reduce him to tears in front of a group of people. our soldiers deserve all the respect and support we can give them.”

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