When The Economy Goes Down Something Else Goes Up: Condom Sales

That’s what the folks at Durex just affirmed for us.

According to Ted Conley, who heads up North American marketing for the condom maker’s parent company: “The category has traditionally been strong at times of economic downturn and we are getting anecdotal evidence that the same can be said for today. When you think about it, It makes sense that when money is tight, people stay in and make their own fun rather than going out and spending money.”

And, the inexpensive, homemade fun isn’t just happening in the US.

Daily Mail: Judging by sales of Durex, large numbers of Brits have decided to hide from the credit crisis by tumbling into bed — or they have decided they can’t afford children.

SSL International, the consumer healthcare group that owns the condom company, today said sales have soared in the last six months, with the Play range of condoms proving popular across Europe.

 SSL, which also owns Scholl, said sales were up 22 per cent to £320million in the half year to the end of September.

An out-of-breath salesman added that folk are diving under the covers to avoid hearing bad news on the economy.

‘Despite all that’s going on people are still looking to have fun judging by sales of our Durex Play products that help people have better sex, and our branded condoms like Performa, which by slowing the man down makes the fun last longer. By which time, the news will have ended, hopefully,’ he said.

Um, considering the recession is supposed to last two years that must be some condom!

Oh, and if our reporting on this subject sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because we wrote this awesome book a few years ago that you should still totally buy: Stocking Up On SIn


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