When It Comes To Products, Consumers Use Social Media For This More Than Anything Else

People use social media for a wide variety of reasons – to catch up with old friends, make new connections and so on. But when it comes what they use social media for regarding a given brand or product or service, most people use social media to see what other people are saying about these very same brands, products or services. 

Back in August I wrote a post called Why Marketers Need To Pay Attention To Online Reviews in which I revealed a survey finding that showed that 80% of online customers change their mind about making a purchase after reading negative online reviews. I also explained in that post why a negative review can have a positive impact. It really can. Trust me. Read the post and you’ll see what I mean. 

New research by NM Incite, a Nielsen/McKinsey Company shows that the #1 thing consumers use social media as it relates to products and services is to read consumer feedback. Check out the chart below:

What social media is used for

See how much weight that aforementioned 80% number carries? Prospective and/or existing customers are going on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs to see what their fellow consumers are saying. What this means is you, as the keeper of your brand’s or your client’s brand social media flame need to be very diligent in monitoring what others are saying about your brand, your product, your service..

Source: NM Incite, The Star GroupWhen It Comes To Brands, Consumers Use Social Media For This More Than Anything Else

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