When Do We Stop Calling Lebron 'King James?'

As the Miami Heat‘s second crack at a tougher-than-expected championship approaches, this team is feeling the need to win one, and soon, lest their little master scheme be proven ill-advised—complete with compromised legacies.

Guess who’s feeling it the most? That’s right—the guy with the homemade crown. For a variety of reasons, LeBron James is now under more pressure to win a title than any player in NBA history.

First off, there’s the commonly held idea that a player of his calibre should eventually stand out in the history books as a champion. He has the skills to be one of the greatest players ever, and that kind of talent comes with lofty expectations.

Second, anyone who liberally refers to himself as “King” is only going to get so much rope before people start demanding that he earn the right to keep calling himself that. No matter how impressive he is to watch, you can only go so far with “King of the Regular Season.”

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