When Dilbert And Garfield Collide, You Get Garfbert - And Here's The Best Of It So Far

Mysterious Garfbert creator Jim Jadams. Or someone like him. Picture: 20th Century Fox

You might be one of the 1000 or so followers who in the last four months have discovered @GarfbertComic.

If so, you’ll also know two things – a) Garfbert went AWOL in February, but is back now; and b) He deserves a whole lot more Twitter love.

Garfbert is what happens when Garfield meets Dilbert. Or more specifically, when Garfield moves in with Dilbert.

It’s drawn – badly – by Daniel Kibblesmith, a Chicago-based author, comedian and freelance marketing copywriter who’s probably best known for his work with The Onion.

For Garfbert purposes, he goes by the name Jim Jadams.

Here’s today’s post, for starters:

Picture: @GarbertComic

And here’s Kibblesmith on his journey with Garfbert so far:

Why did you start Garfbert and why did you choose the Dilbert/Garfield combination?

They’re both incredibly easy to draw badly. I learned how to draw Garfield from a TV special when I was a kid. There’s something about their lazy blandness that makes them perfect vehicles for deadpan and absurdity. I drew the first six Garfbert strips while I was coping with some emotions in a hotel room.

Which one is your first strip?

The first strip is the first strip on the website, where you can see the floor. I stopped drawing the floor pretty much right away.

Picture: @GarfbertComic

Why did Garfbert go missing in February?

The holidays seemed like a good break and then I think I started channeling that time and anxiety into Animal Crossing. My ‘How to Win at Everything’ co-author and I are also working on some new proposals, and freelancing at The Onion is basically the best gig ever, so, there was some actual busyness as well.

Which one is your favourite strip?

The one that makes me laugh the hardest is the one where it flashes forward and implies that Dilbert has been pumping Garfield full of arrows for like no reason.

Picture: @GarfbertComic

Would you say the strip has evolved? If so, in what way?

As of recently, I draw the panels with a template I cut out of a credit card and keep in my wallet, and use an amazing app on my phone called CamScanner, so I can draw them in a sketchbook and upload from anywhere. Other than that, I think the art has improved a little but it’s more out of habit than by design. I am okay with it looking kind of terrible.

Obvious question is obvious – are Jim Davis and Scott Adams aware of Garfbert?

I assume everyone is aware of Garfbert. I think a better question is, Is Jim Jadams aware of Jim Davis or Scott Adams and the answer is no, who are they?

Do you think you blew the Garfbert F..ks Dogbert line too early?

I don’t really have a plan, I’m surprised I’ve even kept it going this long.

Picture: @GarfbertComic

If you had to choose three pieces of merchandise to sell the Garfbert message, what would they be?

Garfbert large sword, Garfbert medium-sized sword, and Garfbert iPad Mini.

Would you mind if I started a Garfbert Minus Garfbert tumblr?

Someone beat you to it.

Jadams kindly gave us permission to run a few more strips (in fact, “as many as you like”), so here’s a selection of what you’re getting yourself in for:

Picture: @GarfbertComic
Picture: @GarfbertComic
Picture: @GarfbertComic
Picture: @GarfbertComic
Picture: @GarfbertComic
Picture: @GarfbertComic

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