When Australians Should Book A Flight To Get The Best Deal

Bagging a good flight deal is all to do with timing.

Getting the best deal on flights is a balancing act. Book too early and you risk missing out on super sales. Book too late and you risk paying through the roof.

So where is that booking sweet spot for Australians? There can be shocks lurking for anyone hoping to use this as a precise guide, but flight comparison services Skyscanner and Webjet have some broad pointers for Australian travellers looking for the optimum time to book.

Skyscanner says the best time to book a flight to the UK is just a week out from the travel day, potentially saving travellers up to 11 per cent off the average fare.

“Even though some of the best flight prices are found closer to the travel date, it’s important to remember that prices fluctuate all the time, often increasing at the very last minute,” Skyscanner Australian Marketing Manager, Dave Boyte said.

If the USA or Asia is where you’re headed Webjet says booking about three months in advance will usually bag you a good deal.

Skyscanner says booking a trip to Thailand is best done five weeks out on average for a saving of 13 per cent, while for Indonesia booking six weeks ahead usually delivers the best deal.

Skyscanner also has some aggregate charts on short-haul and long-haul flights. Here’s the short-haul:

According to Skyscanner to secure a good deal it’s better to book a short-haul flight further in advance.

And for long-haul:

If you’re planning to jet off during peak seasons or school holidays it’s better to book well ahead of time.

“It’s always best to book well in advance if you know your travel dates for good fares and plenty flight availability,” a company spokesperson said.

If you’re off to Europe to escape the Australian winter airlines usually release their early bird specials during October and November.

“Some airlines further release a second round of Early Bird fares in February for travel during the latter part of the European summer,” Webjet said.

More interesting Australian travel tips from Skyscanner:

  • Cheapest month to travel: May
  • Savings compared to average: 19.2%
  • Most expensive month to travel: December
  • Average best time to book in advance: 6 weeks
  • There’s more here.

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