What It Looks Like When A Navy Ship Does A doughnut

Navy Littoral Combat Ship doughnut

This is the U.S. Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) U.S.S. Independence throwing down the sickest of doughnuts off the San Diego coast.

It’s too bad doughnuts don’t translate to combat serviceability, something the LCS program has struggled with over the years (that and massive cost overruns).

Still, the ship — which is supposed to be designed for close-to-coast operations, called “littoral” — does seem to have some astounding manoeuvrability.

The LCS was supposed to be the replacement for ageing minesweepers and frigates, it has largely failed to in the scope of its expectations.

It can effectively replace minesweepers, but because of its lack of weaponry, will likely need the support of frigates for foreseeable future.

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