Here Are The Hottest Celebrities We Saw At The White House Correspondent’s Dinner

From the lack of political news coming out of the Beltway today, it appears as though Washington is still recovering from the annual bender of celebrity-stalking, all-day cocktails, and shoulder-rubbing that is the White House Correspondents Dinner. 

While the main event was obviously the dinner — and the dueling stand-up acts from President Barack Obama and Conan O’Brien — the real draw of the weekend was the plethora of parties before, after (and, thanks to BuzzFeed this year, during) the event.

We dropped by a few of the parties this weekend and even managed to sneak into the dinner for a few minutes. Below are some of the hottest celebs we saw. 

Sophia Bush and Sofia Vergara posed for a pic on their way into the dining room: 

sophia vergara sophia bush

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro and his identical twin brother, U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas), seemed to be thoroughly enjoying their first Nerd Prom: 

julian castro joaquin castro whcd

Kevin Spacey was also one of the hottest stars to see this weekend, thanks to his role as House Majority Whip Frank Underwood on House of Cards

kevin spacey whcd

Plenty of usual suspects made an appearance. Here’s Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett chatting with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg before the dinner: 

valerie jarrett michael bloomberg whcd

And here’s White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough hanging out near the back of the ballroom: 

denis mcdonough whcd

Some stranger names were also on the invite list. Duck Dynasty’s Willie and Korie Roberston were the hottest reality star appearances at the dinner this year:  

duck dynasty whcd

Celebrities at the dinner poured into the exclusive Vanity Fair/Bloomberg party at the French Embassy. Among those we spotted: Katy Perry hanging out with the cast of Modern Family, Elizabeth Banks entertaining a crowd at the bar; a very statuesque Nicole Kidman; Hayden Panettiere getting numerous compliments on her yellow dress; Bradley Cooper; and basically everyone else you’ve seen on TV this year. 

Check out Vanity Fair’s full photo gallery here >  

One of the other hottest parties of the night was BuzzFeed’s alternative soiree, which took place during the actual dinner and was packed with under-40-something political-types who couldn’t get a ticket to the main event.  

GOP anti-tax guru Grover Norquist made an appearance: 

grover norquist buzzfeed whcd

And so did Robyn Wright Penn, better known in D.C. as her House of Cards character Claire Underwood:  

robin wright penn house of cards buzzfeed whcd

Although there weren’t too many other celebrity sightings at the BuzzFeed party, everyone there was having way too much fun to notice.  

This video pretty much sums up the vibe: