What’s Next For RIM? Touchscreen Bold, Updated Curve, Storm Slider (RIMM)


During yesterday’s RIM earnings call, co-CEO Jim Balsillie promised a BlackBerry product road map for 2009 and 2010 “that would blow you away.” So what’s on it?

In a research note today, RBC analyst Mike Abramsky published a chart of supposed BlackBerry gadgets on the way in 2009.

They include an updated BlackBerry Curve with a hi-res screen, a CDMA Bold for Verizon (VZ) and/or Sprint (S), a touchscreen Bold potentially arriving at AT&T (T) late next year, and a Storm slider. (With wi-fi, we hope.)

We see nothing here that “blows us away” — mostly continued development of RIM’s (RIMM) current products. Which is fine. Just not revolutionary.

Hard to tell how they’ll hold up against increasing competition, including whatever Apple (AAPL) rolls out next year and more phones running Google’s (GOOG) Android operating system from companies like HTC, Motorola (MOT), Sony Ericsson, etc.


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