IBM: Here Are The Next Set Of Apps We Will Make For The IPad

Last summer Apple announced a landmark partnership with IBM to sell iPads to businesses.

A key part of that partnership is the suite of apps the two companies are developing.

IBM has released 10 so far, targeting industries like transportation, retail, and telecommunications.

Now we’re learning about what’s in store for Apple’s partnership with Big Blue in 2015.

“Through our Apple partnership, we released the first 10 MobileFirst for iOS solutions in the fourth quarter, with more to come by the end of this quarter focused in Healthcare, Energy and Utilities,” said IBM exec Martin Schroeter on an earnings call on Tuesday.

An IBM exec told Business Insider it’s working on over 100 apps in total. Big Blue will market those apps by customising them for each company it works with.

There’s reason to believe 2015 will be a good year for Apple’s enterprise push. A recent survey of corporate chief information officers found a shockingly high percentage of respondents already support iOS.

Apple is also rumoured to be working an 12-inch “iPad Pro” that it may market to businesses.

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