Apple Cleared The Deck For A Monster Announcement In The Spring

Tim Cook

[credit provider=”AP”]

Yesterday’s Apple event capped one of the biggest years for Apple in terms of product releases.

Let’s take a quick look back:

  • New iPad in March.
  • Apple TV upgrade in March.
  • 15-inch MacBook with Retina display in June.
  • iPhone 5 in September.
  • New iPods in October.
  • Another new iPad in October.
  • An iPad mini in October.
  • New iMac in October.
  • 13-inch MacBook with Retina in October.

What’s left for next year? Nothing, as far as we can tell. Maybe an upgrade to Mac Pro, but who cares? Maybe a redesigned iPad, but after refreshing it twice this year, it’s hard to imagine a new iPad coming anytime before October. We’re expecting an iPhone 5S, not an iPhone 6.

So, we’re still left to wonder, what’s happening next year? As Dan Frommer points out, Apple is primed for something huge in the Spring. He speculates that it could be an Apple television.

It would make sense for Apple to finally release the Apple television, but we’re not sure how well it’s doing convincing cable companies to get on board with Apple making a TV. And without cable companies, the TV is DOA. Unless, Apple really makes something revolutionary.

And so, there’s another possibility for Apple next year. And this one is not so rosy. It might not have anything to release. It might just come out empty handed with minor bumps to its product lines.

If that’s the case, then watch out below. Next year will be Apple’s first full year with out Steve Jobs’ influence on the company. If it doesn’t come up with something big, then the drum beat that Apple’s best days are behind it will only grow louder.