What's New In Apple's 3G iPhone: More Memory, Megapixels, Video Recording

The Journal‘s Walt Mossberg hasn’t gotten his mitts on Apple’s (AAPL) forthcoming next-gen iPhone yet, but others supposedly have. In fact, a “friend of a friend” claims to be a beta tester, and some highly unverified details are filtering back to us. The most important upgrade: Access to AT&T’s (T) faster “3G” mobile data network. Other new features, according to our grapevine:

  • 32 GB of storage
  • Higher resolution for the digital camera — 3 megapixels
  • Video recording
  • Upload video directly to Google’s (GOOG) YouTube

These are obvious upgrades, so we wouldn’t be surprised if they’re just correct guesses. We’ve also heard that the new iPhone’s battery life is pretty good, but we don’t know actual times.

We’re shaking the trees for more details, and will update if we hear back. Specifically, we’re curious about any new hardware design.

Know more? Have specific questions? Post in comments or use our anonymous tip box.

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