What's In A Union Square Name? A Lawsuit.


Has anyone out there heard of Union Square Partners? We hadn’t until today, when we learned that Fred Wilson and Brad Burnham’s Union Square Ventures is suing them for trademark infringement, claiming the fund is causing confusion among investors and consumers because of its similar-sounding name.

We’ll try to sum up the argument based on USV’s complaint and USP’s response: USV has been using their name since 2004, and is based several blocks from Union Square. USP, which is trying to raise a $500 million fund to invest in the financial services industry, says they have been using the name since March 2006; they’re also based several blocks from Union Square. USV says they’ve received at least one complaint from a confused investor.

We won’t try to opine about the legal merits of the case, but as Venture Beat’s Matt Marshall points out, the similarity between the two names baffles Google, which lists USV as the first entry for queries asking for “Union Square Partners.” PE Hub via Venture Beat.

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