An elegant solution to the problem in every young banker’s fridge

Hatchery box
A Hatchery Tasting Box Htachery

If you’ve ever opened a young Wall Streeter’s fridge you’ll note that it’s filled with the following:

  • Condiments
  • Alcohol
  • Leftover takeout
  • More condiments

Young bankers, you see, do not have time to grocery shop. And even if they have their groceries delivered, they don’t really cook.

So takeout and condiments it is. This is generally unimpressive. Sometimes it’s a little sad.

Enter Hatchery — an online marketplace for independent farmers and small-batch food makers who create condiments, cocktail mixers and the like.

Founder Max Friedman thinks of it as an “opportunity to create a powerful platform for independent food makers, a platform that enables them to easily share their unique products with a national audience.”

It’s also an opportunity for young bankers to make their entire food game more sophisticated.

There are a couple ways to do Hatchery. Customers can search the site and get to know about their products and stories — California olive oil makers; Alabama spice makers; a banker turned snack maker — and purchase their wares.

Or they can do it the way any Wall Streeter would do it, and get the Tasting Box. For $US20 the company will send a box of items once a month that even the most precious foodies will respect.

Hatchery will also hook customers up with a personal shopper who can help them get what they want before they know they want it.

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