What's Happening Today: Wednesday, April 15


  • CPI (March) (8:30 AM)
  • Empire State Manufacturing (April) (8:30 AM)
  • Industrial Production (March) (9:15 AM)
  • Weekly Crude Inventories (week ended April 11) (10:30 AM)
  • Fed’s Beige Book (2:00 PM)
  • Filing Deadline for Personal Income Taxes


  • MediaLink (MDLK) (11:00 AM)
  • Abbott Labs (ABT) (Before bell)
  • Progressive (PGR) (Before bell)



  • 7 AM – Gary Shilling, President, A Gary Shilling & Co Inc
  • 7:30 AM – Samuel  Zell, Chairman/President, Equity Group Investments Llc
  • 8:40 AM – Neil  Barofsky, Special Inspector General, Treasury’s TARP program
  • 9:30 AM – Nassim  Taleb, Author/Professor, The Black Swan/NYU
  • 2:30 PM – Bob Diamond, Chairperson / CEO, Barclays Captial
  • 5 PM – Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Prize winner and Managing Director / Founder of Grameen Bank


Fox Business:

  • 7 AM – Ron Williams, CEO, Aetna
  • 12 PM – Dan Deighan, CEO, Deighan Financial Advisors
  • 12:15 PM – Dan Mitchell, Senior Fellow from Cato Institute
  • 12:50 PM – Neil Cavuto Live at the Sacramento Tea Party

All times ET.


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