What's Happening Today: Monday, April 20


  • Leading Indicators (10:00 AM)
  • Chicago Fed President Charles Evans at financial education summit (10:00 AM)


  • IBM (IBM) (4:30 PM)
  • Bank of America (BAC) (Before bell)
  • Halliburton (HAL) (Before bell)
  • Hasbro (HAS) (Before bell)
  • Eaton (ETN) (Before bell)
  • Eli Lilly (LLY) (Before bell)
  • Weatherford (WFT) (Before bell)
  • American Express (AXP) (After bell)
  • Texas Instruments (TXN) (After bell)



  • 7:40 AM – A. Michael Spence, Partner, Oak Hill Venture Partners
  • 8:15 AM – Derica Rice, CFO, Eli Lilly & Co
  • 8:40 AM – Rep. Thaddeus Mccotter (R-Michigan)
  • 5:00 PM – Liaquat Ahamed, Economist and Author of  “Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World
  • 5:00 PM – Meredith Whitney, Analyst, Meredith Whitney Advisory Grp.

Fox Business:

  • 12 PM – Dick Bove, Rochdale Securities
  • 1 PM – Sen. Karen Keiser (D-WA)
  • 1 PM – Bert Ely, President, Ely & Co.

All times ET.


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