What’s Happening To Egypt’s Private Equity Market?

The political upheaval and civil unrest in Egypt has created chaos not just for people of power, residents and travellers, but also for business. While things seem to be approaching a lull in Cairo, the question remains: what are market conditions like?

A number of businesses requested immediate data on the Egyptian private equity market and Preqin put together some findings showing key stats of today’s market, which firms are actively trading and which Egypt-focused funds are making an impact.

Findings from the report include:
– In addition to the 11 private equity firms headquartered in Egypt, there are another six with secondary offices in the country and a further 18 that make investments in Egypt
– There are 14 funds in the market seeking investor commitments that have previously stated they will make investments in Egypt, either solely or as part of a wider geographic focus.

Click here for more findings.

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