Yahoo Execs Say They're Taking Search Seriously Enough

Balance sheet, 400x300

  • What’s black and white and red all over? The NYT’s balance sheet, says The Daily Show [PaidContent]
  • Yahoo execs say they’re taking search seriously [PaidContent]
  • Pesky regulatory issues over Google Books “don’t deal with our core business” says Google exec [WSJ]
  • Zynga hires a pair of Yahoos [Inside Social Games]
  • Craigslist revenues might actually be $300 million [epicentre]
  • Superman sells Internet Explorer 8 [MediaMemo]
  • Yep, no company trip to Disney this year for Googlers [Valleywag]
  • Over 60% of Facebook apps have 100 or fewer visitors per month [All Facebook]
  • Facebook bans two spammy ad networks [Inside Facebook]
  • Microsoft will give away free anti-virus software [Reuters]
  • Digital downloads are killing off video game stores [Reuters]
  • 20% of Web videos are spam [NewTeeVee]
  • How to protect your trademark on Facebook [Digital Media Law]
  • Dave passes Conan [NYT]
  • Video search face-off: Bing vs. Google [SEL]
  • Moody’s loves and nobody else [WSJ]
  • Things a VC will never say [Fred Wilson]
  • Rocketboom’s talent search [Rocketboom]
  • Top 10 Broadcast Media Websites [Seeking Alpha]

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