What’s a QR Code & Do I Need One for My Job Search?

There are certain things we need in the job search, like a solid resume and cover letter, a decent online presence, testimonials and recommendations, etc. However, with more candidates using the same tactics, is it possible your hard work isn’t as effective as you think it is? Perhaps. However, there are other ways you can stand out. The newest trend? QR codes.

QR (or quick response) codes are those small, square barcodes on everything from advertisements, to company home pages, to cereal boxes. All someone needs to do is scan the code with a smartphone and the information that’s contained within it is pulled up. QR codes make it easy for someone to learn more about a company, promotion, person, etc., quickly and effectively from the comfort of their smartphones. But, is it possible that these small barcodes can help the job seeker? Absolutely.

QR codes can do wonders for those on the hunt, especially if you want to get your point across fast. For example, Vizibility, the first SearchMe Button for Google, actually allows users to customise their top five Google search results into a free and permanent SearchMe link, which can be placed on anything from resumes to e-mail signatures. These search results can also be placed in your own QR code. Further, with a Vizibility QR code, you don’t have to change your barcode if you change up your search results. Everything is updated automatically so you don’t have to worry about going back and adjusting all your online and offline materials. 

So, when you’re at a networking event, which may have thousand job seekers, influencers, and recruiters present, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed because you’ve got something many other job seekers don’t: a QR code. While speaking with someone you admire, you can let them know more about you in a flash by having them scan the code on your business card, presenting all the information you wish to promote. Instantly, they are exposed to your blog, LinkedIn profile, articles, blogs, etc. Plus, you’ll probably be more memorable than that other guy who’s still using a paper resume, something that’s becoming more and more important if a job seeker wishes to stand out.

Lastly, by using a QR code in your job search, you attest that you are up-to-date with the latest technological trends. In any industry, knowing the ins and outs of something as important as technology will only improve your image. After all, most employers would applaud those who are following and using the latest innovations. So, think about including QR codes as a job search strategy. They will probably only contribute to your ultimate goal: getting hired. 

Have you used a QR in your job search? 

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