What's Hot In Electronics For 2011


Photo: Robert Scoble

As entire tech world returns from the Consumer Electronics Show, David Kirkpatrick reports on what was hot. From iPad rivals, 3-D televisions, these are the devices the pros are buzzing about.What was most notable about this year’s massive Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was what was missing. And it wasn’t only Apple, the industry leader whose elegant devices have come to define quality in both computer and mobile technology. Apple’s Steve Jobs is legendary for his disdainful absence from CES, where so many other companies seek vainly to show they can match his product magic. But this year there was a broader absence—because it is no longer “electronics” per se that define or symbolise the state of the art in consumer technology. And the most important electronic device that was present at the show was confined to a corner and mostly unmentioned by the crowds of reporters and analysts who professionally opine on what matters.

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