What Your favourite TV Homes Are Worth—Then And Now

Modern Family Cosby Show

We’ve opened up our homes to the Cosby clan, the dysfunctional families on “Mad Men” and a loveable “Modern Family”—and in turn, they opened up their fictional homes to eager viewers who relate to their scripted lives.While we all know Carrie Bradshaw’s “Sex and the City” digs were out of her journalist price range (trust us), do you ever wonder just how far on up the Jeffersons moved or the actual price of that “Downton Abbey” castle?

Vanity Fair spoke with our friend and “Shark Tank” real estate expert Barbara Corcoran, who looked at famous TV properties past and present to reveal their worth at the time of air and presently.

Sorry, “Golden Girls,” but doesn’t look like four raucous ladies in their latter years could have afforded the Miami sorority house they called home.

See which other popular TV homes are worth a lot—and those that are not.

LOCATION: While viewers belived the Cosby clan lived in Brooklyn Heights, the real home was located at 10 Leroy Street in the West Village.

THEN: In 1984, a Brooklyn Heights brownstone would have gone for around $700,000.

NOW: A Brooklyn Heights town house would cost $5--$7 million, estimates Corcoran.

LOCATION: While the show took place in Miami, the actual home was located in Brentwood area of Los Angeles.

THEN: In 1985, a Miami home like the one occupied by the four bachelorette grannies was going for around $90,000.

NOW: Around $2 million, estimates Corcoran.

LOCATION: When Don Draper was still a bachelor, Jon Hamm's character could be found living in a dark apartment at 106 Waverly Place.

THEN: Corcoran estimates the apartment would have probably rented for a couple hundred dollars circa 1964, but the neighbourhood was not nearly as built up back then as it is now.

NOW: 'A one-bedroom at 136 Waverly these days will cost you upward of $800,000,' according to Corcoran.

Now take a closer look at one of these TV properties...

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