Business Insider Employees Model What You Should (And Shouldn't) Wear To Work In The Summer

Dina Spector

Photo: Vivian Giang / Business Insider

When the weather gets hot outside, it can be hard to dress appropriately while still being comfortable.And as the workplace becomes more casual, should the dress code also be more lenient? To get some perspective, we caught up with Tiffiny Dixon, the founder of MEO, a fashion consultancy.

“As a general rule, don’t overdo it with the perfume or fragrances,” she says. “And don’t overexpose.”

Above all, “you want to wear something empowering,” she says. “When you look empowered, you feel empowered, and you’ll perform better in your job.”

But there are some basic rules to follow, no matter if you work on Wall Street or at a startup.

To convey Dixon’s tips, we’ve asked some of our colleagues at Business Insider to model for us.

It's easy to dress comfortably during the summer, but don't always rely on a T-shirt and hoodie, like our platform architect Dave Hauenstein.

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