The Very Best Tech Gifts In Every Major Category

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Like many of you, I’m spending Thanksgiving with my extended family. And since I seem to be the only member of my family who knows how to turn on a smartphone or check email, my cousins, uncles, aunts, and parents have asked me over and over and over again what gadgets and other tech stuff they should buy for the holidays.

Let’s make this easy.

Here’s the top gadget in every major category that I think you should buy this year:

If you want the best smartphone…

Buy the iPhone 5.

If you want the best smartphone with a huge screen…

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S III.

If you want the best tablet…

Buy the fourth-generation iPad.

If you want the best tiny tablet…

Buy Google’s Nexus 7.

If you want the best e-reader…

Buy the Kindle Paperwhite.

If you want the best laptop…

Buy the MacBook Air.

If you want the best desktop computer…

Buy the iMac.

If you want the best TV…

Shop around for the best price, but Samsung, Sharp, and LG make the best displays for TVs. You can’t go wrong with any of those brands.

Don’t like those answers? Here’s out complete guide to tech shopping over the holidays >

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