What you need to know in advertising today

South park mobile game

For years, game ads — that is, ads that urge people to install the latest mobile game app — have quietly served as the lifeblood of mobile advertising.

As more people started playing games on mobile devices in recent years, a growing number of marketers were finding these games to be a solid place to run video ads. But things may be changing.

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In other news:

Social media giants are offering tens of millions of dollars to Fox so that they can play clips from the Russia World Cup on their platforms, according to a Bloomberg report. Fox is reportedly yet to decide whether to offer the rights to one platform exclusively or whether to spread them across a range of platforms.

Fusion is planning to rebrand under a new name: Splinter. Four Gizmodo Media Group sources told Business Insider of the decision, which GMG announced later on Friday.

It’s looking more and more like Twitter actually condones some abuse to retain its celebrity users. Last week’s drama between Robert Kardashian and Blac Chyna on Twitter shows the fundamental tension at the heart of Twitter’s business model.

Top marketers told us how they’re reaching millennials and kids who avoid advertising. Business Insider caught up with four top marketing executives at the Cannes advertising festival last month to ask them how they approach getting through to an increasingly hard to reach digital generation.

Agencies are rolling out Amazon service units, reports Digiday. The most recent one is a collaboration between WPP’s Possible and Mindshare.