What you need to know in advertising today


Tracking TV viewing is complicated in an era of multiple screens and on-demand streams. And the stakes are high, given that there’s a $US70 billion ad market on the line.

Nielsen, the decades-old incumbent in the TV-research game, says it’s equipped for an “over the top”-viewing, or OTT, world. Meanwhile, its rival comScore intends to leapfrog Nielsen in its ability to gauge who watches which show, and when and where.

The rest of the industry isn’t totally convinced.

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In other news:

Oath CEO Tim Armstrong is reportedly in talks to leave the company. Verizon will integrate parts of Oath’s business into the larger company, according to The Wall Street Journal.

A new poll suggests that Nike’s reputation is taking a beating over its Colin Kaepernick ad. A survey from Morning Consult evaluating consumer sentiment of Nike found that it had declined in the time since its buzzy ad was released.

Twitter dropped the hammer on Alex Jones and permanently kicked him off its service. The move comes after Jones berated a CNN reporter to his face and streamed the confrontation using Twitter’s Periscope service.

Victoria’s Secret is broken and its Pink franchise is in the “early innings” of a long decline. Increased promotional activity in Victoria’s Secret has not only failed to drive sales, but has also weighed on margins, according to an analyst at Jefferies.

The FCC chief’s call for cracking down on tech companies is not only laughable, it’s the “height of hypocrisy.”Ajit Pai, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, suggested that new regulations might be needed to force this transparency and even indicated that his agency might be the one to put the new rules in place and enforce them.

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