What you need to know in advertising today

You & Mr JonesDavid Jones, CEO and founder, You & Mr Jones.

With the current ad agency model under attack from various fronts, it’s hard to predict what exactly the industry will look like once the dust settles. There’s no shortage of “agencies are dead” proclamations or would-be saviors promising revolutionary new business models.

Former Havas chief David Jones believes that his “brand tech” company You & Mr Jones has figured out what marketers of the future need in a data and tech dominated world – and that he’s got a huge head start on the competition.

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In other news:

Here’s why Dunkin’ Doughnuts execs say they aren’t afraid of backlash as the chain slashes the “Doughnuts” from its name. Executives said that the chain saw “overwhelmingly positive” reactions to the new name in a test of roughly 50 stores.

Flipboard is becoming a lot more like Apple News – and it may actually be better positioned to help web publishers pull in more revenue. Over the past few months, publishers say Flipboard has started to work with them more around solving business problems like building sign-ups for newsletters and helping organise content into bigger packages.

Viral video on Facebook isn’t dead. An under-the-radar startup is consistently generating billions of views, and it’s just raised a ton of cash. Jellysmack, formerly Keli Network, has raised $US14 million in Series A funding to invest in premium content and data-based technology.

There’s a history of clashes hidden behind the Instagram and Facebook success story that led to Monday’s bombshell breakup. Sources tell Business Insider there have been “tensions” between the two companies.

Doing it for the ‘gram: Goldman Sachs becomes the latest financial firm to launch on Instagram. Financial firms are increasingly adopting social media to engage millennials and Gen Z.

YouTube star Brandon Rogers tells the inside story of his rise to 4.5 million subscribers, from his big break to clueless execs and Facebook’s one hilarious request. Rogers’ career has included many twists that are emblematic of the changes and struggles of digital media.

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