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Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for GirlbossInstagram CEO co-founder Kevin Systrom.

With Stories quickly gaining steam, Instagram is dialling up its efforts to get both brands and consumers to spend more time on the format.

And hopefully spend more time buying things.

Specifically, Instagram is making shopping easier on the platform by letting people discover and learn more about products featured on branded Stories.

People can already buy things through Instagram’s main feed. Now brands can add stickers with a shopping bag icon to their Stories, which users can tap to see more details about a product.

Click here to read more about what Instagram’s new shopping capabilities mean for brands.

In other news:

Here are some of the ways insiders think Marc Benioff could make Time Magazine great again after the $US190 million deal. Insiders are thrilled with the acquisition and hopeful that an insurgence of cash will mean more hiring and growth at the storied media brand.

Allergan is asking millennials if they’re ‘bo-curious,’ and it’s part of a plan to find a new generation of Botox customers. The drug company is launching a handful of millennial-focused campaigns.

Bryan Goldberg quietly purchased Valleywag in addition to Gawker – and it could be heading for a relaunch.Gawker is set to relaunch in 2019 and will be housed in a separate company from Bustle Digital Group.

AT&T will let the market guide where it will roll out its new super-fast 5G wireless network, its CTO says. To get the fastest 5G speeds, users will need to connect to radios that deliver the service at super-high frequencies.

Twitter will let you see your tweets in chronological order again. Reverse chronological order used to be the default format on Twitter’s timeline, but it was changed in 2016.

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