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Facebook has killed Lifestage, the standalone app it released almost one year ago as a dedicated social network for high schoolers.

Lifestage was pulled from the App Store on August 4, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider on Tuesday.

To read more about Facebook pulling the plug on the app, click here.

In other news:

Netflix made its first ever acquisition by buying comic book publisher Millarworld. The company is now going to team up with the streaming service on some exclusive projects.

Jay Z’s music streaming service Tidal reportedly has a new CEO. Former Kobalt Music Group president Richard Sanders has reportedly been given the role.

JetBlue is making a major investment to fix airlines’ awful customer service crisis. The airline is teaming up with Gladly, a customer service platform that streamlines communication, to create a new consumer friendly system.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel could copy Mark Zuckerberg and save the company’s sinking stock. Spiegel could help turn Snap’s stock around by not selling any of his Facebook shares for one year when his company reports its second-quarter earnings on Thursday.

The Google employee who wrote the anti-diversity manifesto was fired after CEO Sundar Pichai called it “Not OK.” The engineer, who has been named as James Damore, sent a statement to Reuters.

Meanwhile, Google’s diversity VP had to lock down her tweets after receiving racist and sexist insults. Danielle Brown locked down her Twitter account after receiving a barrage of tweets describing her as a “police Nazi”, insulting her looks, and bizarrely describing her as an “Islamist.”

We visited Ann Taylor’s new store for the ‘ageless generation’ and discovered how H&M and Forever 21 are blowing a huge opportunity. A look inside active wear-centric brand called Lou and Grey.

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