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Conversations about wireless carriers’ race toward 5G are ubiquitous. But the focus on the blazing speeds 5G is expected to eventually offer to mobile customers may be misplaced. Instead, the biggest impact of the technology may be delivering broadband within the home.

5G is the fifth – and next – generation of wireless technology. It’s expected to deliver faster speed than the current 4G LTE standard. But analysts in the industry urge caution in overplaying the initial improvements from a mobile perspective.

“It becomes a marketing opportunity to deliver 5G,” Michael Rollins, a telecom analyst at Citi, told Business Insider. “We expect the first mobile 5G deployment to look and feel a lot like 4G LTE, while there is a perception issue that 5G can be meaningfully faster.”

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In other news:

Data is king in IBM’s marketing department – these are the tools it uses to make sure it’s getting the most bang for its marketing buck. Chief Marketing Officer Michelle Peluso commissioned a bespoke platform dubbed Pearl that puts all of its marketing and audience data in one place.

A Wall Street bank asked 1,300 American Facebook users whether they use the social network more or less now than last year – and the results reveal a worrying trend. A third of Facebook users say they’re using Facebook and Instagram less than last year, according to a new study.

Three dead, including gunman, after mass shooting at Madden video game tournament in Jacksonville, Florida. The scene of the shooting was captured on Twitch, which was broadcasting the tournament live.

Nike has unveiled a new way to try on sneakers at its stores without talking to anyone. In select Los Angeles area stores, Nike is piloting an app feature that allows consumers to try on shoes without the help of a sales associate.

Advertisers with in-house agencies increased to 64% from 42% ten years ago, according to a new study from an in-house agency trade association. In-house advertising agencies are on the rise as marketers look for more effective and cost-efficient ad models, reports the Wall Street Journal.

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