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BuzzFeed believes that its growing slate of originals are approaching TV territory in terms of audience size and viewer loyalty.

Take the show “Worth It,” which feature two buddies comparing meals at high-end restaurants with cheap alternatives (like $US13 ribs versus $US225 ribs, or $US2 New York pizza slices versus $US2,000 pizzas). It’s not uncommon for episodes, which run 12 to 16 minutes, to generate 10 million views on YouTube.

To read more about how BuzzFeed is selling this story in an attempt to get a slice of TV ad budgets, click here.

In other news:

Millions of people are watching Steven Lim, star of the BuzzFeed show ‘Worth It,’ eat his way across the globe. “Worth It,” features Lim and co-star Andrew Ilnyckyj comparing high end menu items like $US70 cheesecakes with $US4 variations.

People are outraged by a ‘racist’ propaganda video that a Chinese state media agency made about India. The video features a Chinese actor who is shown wearing a turban and a fake brown beard as he recites monosyllabic lines in a mocking Indian English accent.

Nike is under fire for ‘supporting’ Trump. Grassroots advocacy group Courage Campaign is circulating a petition calling for the sportswear brand to relocate its flagship Niketown store from New York City’s Trump Tower and end its financial support for Donald Trump.

Mic has laid off 25 staff as part of a pivot to video. Most of the staffers are from Mic’s news and editorial departments, as the company switches focus to “visual journalism.”

Gab, a social network popular with the alt-right, has raised $US1 million through crowdfunding, even as it was booted from Google’s Play Store for hate speech. The company was founded by Andrew Torba, a Trump supporter thrown off the Y Combinator startup program for speaking in a “threatening” way to other founders.

Business Insider spoke with fired Google engineer James Damore, who compared being conservative at the firm to “being gay in the 1950s.” He also claimed the memo which got him fired “empowered” women.

Hollywood Reporter traces how the Kardashians exploded into the zeitgeist. The stars and producers of the megafranchise reveal how a billion-bollar brand was built.

As Walmart’s e-commerce business grows and it becomes a significant digital player, brands have realised that Walmart.com is a lucrative ad vehicle, reports Digiday. Walmart offers both insertion order-based media buys and programmatic display through Walmart Exchange, a media network the company introduced in 2014.

AT&T lawyers are talking with the Justice Department about terms of its $US85B takeover of Time Warner, the Wall Street Journal reports. This suggests that the deal’s success is imminent.

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