What you need to know in advertising today

Verizon wants to help give you a great line up of TV channels – without any need for a cord.

The wireless giant will include YouTube TV service and Apple TV 4K along with 5G service to customers in each of its four initial markets – Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento – when the service hits these cities later in 2018.

The announcement seems an indication that Verizon believes it can compete with rivals in the telecom and pay-TV industries without acquiring content (unlike AT&T, which just closed a massive deal to acquire Time Warner).

To read more about how this seems to be a missile aimed directly at the cable-TV business, click here.

In other news:

“We’re the fastest-growing ad-tech company in the world”: Startup Beeswax is riding the wave of brands taking ad buying in-house. It has seen a 150% spike in revenue this year thanks to a tech platform that purports to enable brands to build their own ad-buying algorithms

As its rivalry with Google heats up, Amazon is reportedly offering popular YouTubers multimillion-dollar contracts to switch to Twitch. Twitch is said to be offering exclusive deals, sometimes with multi-million dollar salaries, to popular internet personalities.

The UK’s advertising authority banned an Amazon promotion for being “misleading.” The promotion, which ran on Amazon’s website in December, advertised the free one-day shipping that comes with Prime membership, and more than 280 customers complained saying that their shipments had not arrived in one day.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey doubles down on his criticism of Facebook and YouTube while defending Alex Jones’ right to keep tweeting. In a new interview with NBC News, the Twitter CEO said his peers had been “inconsistent” in their handling of Jones.

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