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The president’s manufacturing council of business leaders lost three of its members Monday, and a fourth on Tuesday.

The companies, particularly Under Armour and Intel, are being lauded and actually getting a brand boost on social media.

To read more about how Intel and Under Armour are getting a brand boost after their executives walked out of Trump’s manufacturing council, click here.

In other news:

Walmart’s CEO has slammed Trump for failing to ‘unequivocally’ reject white supremacists. Doug McMillon said that Trump “missed a critical opportunity.”

Meanwhile, President Trump launched another attack on Amazon. He claimed this time that it was “doing great damage” to “tax paying retailers.”

More tech firms are refusing service to white supremacists, after the violent march at Charlottesville in the US
. PayPal has pulled its payment services from neo-Nazi sites, while WordPress banned the site of a fascist group, according to Fast Company.

The 19 most interesting ad-tech upstarts of 2017, ranked. Despite funding drying up, there are many companies making waves, particularly startups focused on marketing data, brand safety, and the future of TV ads.

The tech pioneer who helped found CNET is aiming to build a new digital media voice empire. Pylon ai aspires to be the connective tissue for media companies and advertisers creating content for devices like Amazon’s Echo.


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The man in charge of Netflix’s content, Ted Sarandos, has bashed Amazon’s efforts in film saying: “I frankly don’t understand their strategy.” He made the comment based on the fact that Amazon sticks to a traditional “windowing” strategy with film, whereas Netflix releases come out at the same time they’re in theatres.

Target is cashing in on a shift that’s creating a ‘sphere of despair’ for brands. Investing in private label brands has been paying off for retailers like Target.

Papa John’s wants to be thought of as a tech company, not a traditional restaurant chain. “We’re much more close, I would argue, to Amazon than we are to a brick-and-mortar restaurant,” Brandon Rhoten, Papa John’s chief marketing officer, told Bloomberg.

Apple is lining up a $US1 billion budget for original shows next year, reports the Wall Street Journal. It’s on the hunt for a breakout hit that can help it forget about “Planet of the Apps” and “Carpool Karaoke,” which were both panned by reviewers.

And brands are trying to take back control from ad agencies, according to the Wall Street Journal. A survey by the World Federation of advertisers suggests that some marketers are increasingly bringing digital tasks back in-house.

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