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The chief executives of Merck, Intel, and Under Armour resigned Monday from a White House advisory panel on manufacturing after President Donald Trump’s initial failure to explicitly condemn a white-supremacist rally.

The resignations came as criticism grew over Trump’s slow response to the weekend demonstration, which ended in bloodshed when man identified by authorities as a suspected Nazi sympathizer plowed his car into a crowd of anti-racism protesters, killing one and wounding 19.

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In other news:

Intel’s chief executive, Brian Krzanich, is the latest CEO to step down from Donald Trump’s business advisory council. Krzanich cited the white supremacist protests in Charlottesville, and the “divided political climate” in the US.

Google has followed domain registrar GoDaddy in refusing service to white supremacist news site the Daily Stormer
. Google didn’t want its services to incite violence.

Facebook has also taken action against the Daily Stormer by deleting links to a post attacking Heather Heyer, a woman killed by a Charlottesville marcher
. The company said the article violated its terms of service.

Airbnb chief executive Brian Chesky has also doubled down on the company’s position on banning white supremacists from its platform
. Chesky said white supremacism had “no place in this world”, after the firm barred Charlottesville marchers from its service.


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Snapchat has a new feature, “Crowd Surf”, which lets you watch events like concerts through other people’s snaps
. The feature stitches together snaps so you can watch a gig from different parts of the crowd.

How tattoos and motorcycles helped Sailor Jerry’s become the second biggest spiced rum brand in the world. Sailor Jerry’s marketing strategy has ditched traditional TV ads and embraced the heritage of Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, after whom it’s named.

The entertainment industry could become ‘the Netflix industry.’ Shonda Rhimes’ move to Netflix is bad for all of network TV, not just ABC.

Sean Parker’s Airtime — a notorious flop five years ago – says it now has millions of users video chatting together. The video chat app was launched by Napster cofounder and former Facebook president Sean Parker, who said that original shows are a “gigantic opportunity” down the road.

Pandora has a new CEO. Roger Lynch, the founding CEO of Dish’s Sling TV, has been named the new CEO and president of Pandora.

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