What you need to know in advertising today

Facebook’s push into becoming a destination for original TV shows begins today with the launch of its redesigned video tab.

The new tab will be called Watch and will showcase a slew of shows from the likes of BuzzFeed, Tastemade, ATTN, and Condé Nast, people familiar with the matter said.

To read more about the long-awaited revamp and its rollout, click here.

In other news:

Facebook is also cracking down on deceptive ads for porn and diet pills.The practice is known as “cloaking.”

Google is holding a company-wide meeting today to discuss the controversial diversity memo. CEO Sundar Pichai cut short his vacation and returned home to deal with the situation.

Fired Google engineer James Damore gave his first major interviews to controversial right-wing YouTube channels. Damore spoke to niche YouTube channels before going to mainstream media outlets.

Meanwhile, over half of Google employees polled say it shouldn’t have fired Damore. Google employees on anonymous app Blind voted in favour of keeping him employed.


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Target is betting on dog toys to help it stave off Amazon’s charge. It will start carrying products from Bark, the pet company behind the pet subscription service Barkbox, similar to its partnerships with the men’s shaving brand Harry’s and the disruptive mattress startup Casper.

The ACLU is suing the DC Metro for rejecting ads for an abortion group, Peta and Milo Yiannopoulos. The organisation is suing the WMATA for rejecting four ads for being “controversial,” claiming that it’s a violation of freedom of speech.

The highest paid eSports player has won almost $US3 million in prizes. Saahil Arora, aka UNiVeRsE, has won 67 tournaments over the course of his life raking in an average of $US42 thousand at each one.

Facebook has an internal database that it uses to track rivals, reports the Wall Street Journal. This internal “early bird” warning system helps it track competition, including young startups performing unusually well, like teen video-chat app, Houseparty.

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