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As the media industry plays a prolonged game of merger musical chairs, it seems wise to ask: What would Bezos do?

While many of the ongoing or proposed deals – whether AT&T-Time Warner or CBS-Viacom – are driven by media companies’ need to get bigger to defend against tech giants like Netflix and Facebook, Amazon’s looming hangs over every discussion.

Amazon’s Prime service is already the No. 3 video-streaming service behind Netflix and YouTube . And Amazon seems to loom large over just about every industry, with businesses as varied as healthcare and grocery stores taking large hits to their stock price from the mere prospect of Amazon disruption.

But does Amazon want in on any media deals? Does it need a big media platform to pump up use of its Prime Video service (a recent survey found that only one in three Prime members actually used it ) or to ramp up its advertising aspirations?

To read more about Amazon’s possible media ambitions, click here.

In other news:

The CBS board won’t suspend CEO Les Moonves during the investigation into sexual misconduct claims made against him by 6 women. The CBS board of directors met Monday to discuss Moonves’ future and how to proceed with an investigation.

ComScore is preparing to launch a new product that measures ad views across platforms like TV and mobile, reports the Wall Street Journal. With the new Campaign Ratings tool, comScore aims to provide advertisers with a more realistic report of who is watching their ads by measuring viewers who see an ad on any device.

Steve Jobs’ former ad man says Tim Cook is getting ‘vanilla’ advice that is making Apple bland. Ken Segall said that the tone of Apple’s advertising had changed significantly since Jobs’ death in 2011 and that the firm was failing to create personalities around new iPhones.

Spotify executive Troy Carter is exiting the company. The company’s global head of creator services will leave his post in early September and assume an advisory role at the streaming service.

Google took a serious swipe at Apple and Microsoft in its new Chromebook advert. The minute-long commercial, set to playful classical music, mocks Apple and Microsoft’s spinning beach ball and egg timer, and asks if viewers are “over” the companies’ error messages.

Yahoo Finance is launching a full-day live video streaming network by the end of the year, reports Axios. The network will include eight hours of live market and global financial news updates, which would make it a rival to the new digital streaming business network Cheddar and to an extent, CNBC, Fox Business and Bloomberg.

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