What you need to know in advertising today

Amazon may be one of the world’s most mysterious brands, but advertisers are still enamoured of the company’s wealth of data and its potential ability to challenge Facebook and Google’s dominance in online advertising.

Behind the scenes are advertising execs who rarely make public appearances, but who agencies say are crucial in helping them navigate the ins and outs of Amazon.

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In other news:

These four charts show how Facebook’s business is changing thanks to Instagram. The number of ad impressions it’s delivering is surging, as is the traffic it’s sending advertisers’ way, so advertisers’ are upping their Instagram budgets.

YouTube is growing like a startup – these two charts show the 12-year-old site’s stunning surge. The value the streaming video site is delivering to marketers in terms of ad impressions and traffic to their sites is surging, as a result of which ad spending on YouTube is ballooning.

Facebook promoted Holocaust denial groups at the top of its search results, but now says it made a mistake.Business Insider found that Facebook prominently showcased groups that promote Holocaust denial at the top of its search results despite its recent crackdown on anti-Semitic content.

Speaking of Facebook, the company has suspended another analytics firm in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, The Wall Street Journal reports. Facebook is looking into whether Boston-based analytics firm Crimson Hexagon violated its terms of service due to ties with the US government and a Russian non-profit.

Massive job cuts have hit the Daily News.The cuts, which impacted nearly half its newsroom staff on Monday, are expected to be among the largest in the paper’s 99-year history.

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