What you need to know in advertising today

Screen Shot 2017 07 17 at 11.11.43 AM
The new Snap Publisher tool Snap

Snap wants to make it easier for advertisers to go vertical.

Starting today, advertisers of all sizes will be able to create full screen video ads in less than two minutes using just a web browser, thanks to a slick new creative tool called Snapchat Publisher.

To read more about the Snap Publisher tool, click here.

In other news:

Snapchat is looking for adtech startups to acquire, and has already held talks with AdRoll
. The company is mostly after firms that can help demonstrate the efficacy of their ads.

Amazon is reportedly working on a rival to WhatsApp called Anytime. According to AFTV News, Amazon has been surveying its customers about a messaging app that lets you send GIFs, use filters, and is private and secure.

Apple is blocking VPN-based ad blockers from its App Store, and only allowing ad blocking services that plug into Safari
. Third-party ad blocker Adblock was barred from submitting an update to Apple because it blocks ads inside apps.

The web is littered with videos that play automatically that nobody asked for. According to the web video tech company JW Player, 65% of video plays that happen via Chrome browsers start automatically, without a person clicking on a play button.

Forget about millennials — experts are now going after marketing to Generation Z. According to Mic, as millennials march steadily toward middle age and obsolescence, an increasing number of teen-run consulting firms have sprung up over the past year to teach Olds what’s cool.

Major publishers are switching theiraffections from Snapchat to Instagram, as the Facebook-owned platform makes it easier to reach a larger overseas audience and link to external sites
. According to Digiday, part of the problem is that Snapchat keeps the overall messaging experience totally separate from the publisher experience.

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